About me..

I am what I am and I believe The Inner World Creates The Outer World

Hello, I’m Veena Bk. I am from Bangalore, India. After completing my Postgraduate studies, I served in India’s Top Bank.


I have always been a Creative & Spiritual Person, and after few years in the Bank, I wanted to move on, in my Journey of Self Discovery. I am an Artist, Healer, and Coach. I am a Life long learner always seeking and giving Knowledge. Having trained in various fields and have been taught by many Great Mentors and Gurus, I gradually realised – Life is not about myself, but what I can give back to the world. Thus I am here as a Coach.

I am a Guide, Mentor & Coach for Parents & Teens.

I am the founder of  Mayavee Academy, offering Holistic Solutions and Mindset Transformation approach for dealing with challenges of Parenting & also Mentoring for different Challenges in your Life.

I believe The Inner World creates the Outer world, therefore, change has to begin from the Inside out. 

Being a mother Myself , my own parenting journey and experience guided me towards mentoring Children and Parents, .

Eventually, I noticed most of my clients are Moms and with my experience, I have the insight to guide other Moms. 

I know that Moms’ challenges are many and they need support and guidance, which will help not only the Moms but the whole family.  Moms need the inner strength to guide and empower the child.  It is for this purpose that Veena connects Heart to  Heart with Moms.

In my journey as a Coach, I have served more than 4000 Parents and Children with my Unique Holistic Zen methods leading to transformation.

I am also an Artist and a Healer. 

I connect Heart to Heart with Moms and her mission is to help Moms Create a Happy and Peaceful  Family.

Leap Beyond Dyslexia


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