About me..

I am what I am and I believe The Inner World Creates The Outer World

Hello, I’m Veena Bk. I am from Bangalore ,India. After completing my Post graduate studies,I served in India’s Top Bank. I have always been a Creative & Spiritual Person, and after few years in the Bank, I wanted to move on , in my Journey of Self Discovery.I am an Artist, Healer and Coach. I am a Life long learner always seeking and giving Knowledge. Having trained in various fields and have been taught by many Great Mentors and Gurus, I gradually realised Life is not about myself, but what i can give back to the world. Thus I am here as a Coach.
Being a Parent of the Child with Dyslexia, I went through the journey of ups and downs, challenges and struggles, tears of anguish and sighs of frustration. It took me many years to find my path and empowering myself first, so that I could guide my child.When I look back, I can connect the dots. Being Single Parent for many years,it was even more difficult. But that is what made me strong. Accepting the problem took very long, then I was confused and did not know how to deal with the issues of Dyslexia. Getting the Home assigments done, Complaints/issues @ school, behavioural issues, frustration of my Kid, I had to deal with all this.Gradually I educated myself about the problem and remedies. By myself, I realised that basically I need to be strong internally to deal with the external challenges. That is how I went on a spiritual discovery. Also being a creative person , I explored ways of how to teach my child in different ways. Using holistic approach, I could guide my Son, to develop Self confidence and grow up to be a confident and happy person. Long story cut short, today my Son has done well academically , more than that, he is a winner in the Game of Life, having faced boldly the many challenges in his journey.Without realising the real reason, I was always drawn to help, mentor and coach Pre -teen children. I love interacting with them and providing help and guidance, for their studies or other issues. Gradually, I realised, why I loved to do what I was doing, It was because somewhere at the back of mind, i wanted to make good for the absence of a mentor in my Son’s life at that age, and also back then, I too needed Guidance and support as to how to deal, come out of struggle.
Today, I am that person, who I could not find , all those years ago. Through Holistic and Unique methods, I facilitiate the Inner Mindset change. Not only the Parent, but the Child’s mindset will hugely transform from victim mentality to Winners Attitude. It will surely happen, and will be the foundation for achieving anything in Life.
Thus having learnt all the powerful tools and methods for mindset transformation, it has become my Life purpose to share them with Parents and Children with Dyslexia, so that the Parent is enlightened and thus the Child is Empowered to take the Leap Beyond Dyslexia into the Bright future.
During my journey, I have trained and used the methods, due to which transformational shifts have happened in the inner world, which have worked and have given great results. The parents and children are happy and its a WIN WIN outcome for both with this Foundation of a strong Inner World, because the Journey will be stress free and smooth, the Child will realise his/her own power and grows up to be a Holistic person and successful in Life.

If my story inspires you, its one step forward in my Life Purpose, of empowering the Child with Dyslexia. I am there for you, Do reach out, lets walk this path together. Love,

Leap Beyond Dyslexia


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