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Hi! I'm Veena BK...

A Mom, ex-Banker and Spiritual Seeker, my Journey of Self Discovery began 25 years ago. My own challenging journey led me to serve many Moms at a deep level. I am also the Author of 4 books The Inward Journey, The Incredible Mom, Parentales and No More Yelling. I help Midlife Moms to Stop Struggling and Start Healing.

Empowered Mom

After years of taking care of her family needs, now Moms feel emptiness and is seeking her True Identity. I'm on a mission to help Moms 45+ to go from Inner-Seeking to Self Discovery through my Belief Consciousness System.

Belief Healing System

The Inner World Creates the Outer World. With over 25 years of experience in Healing Therapies, I help Moms through the support and guidance they need in their search for Self and Clarity and Purpose in their Life.

Maa Healing Mandala

Maa Healing Mandala is for Moms 45+ , who are finally ready to start this wonderful Journey. Let us Bloom and Grow together and Feel the Loving Energies , Acceptance and Inner-Strength.

MAA Healing Mandala

Let's Begin the Journey..If now now......When??

Be Yourself

What will they think? I need to be a certain kind of person for others to approve and love me? If you think so, now is the time to stop seeking external validation and take the first Step.

Focus Inward

Overcome Limiting Beliefs, discover your Inner Strengths and Learn to tap into your Inner Wisdom. New Empowering Beliefs will set you Free.

Beyond Self

Get Healing Energies from the Source. The Universe knows what you need. Tune to the Divine Presence and everything else will happen on its own Effortlessly.

Simple Process to Get Started

We have various membership levels to cater to your needs. Attend my next webinar to learn more and then get started on the Journey of Self Discovery.


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I feel I am completely Healed and more empowered with loads of Self-Love and Self-Care

I now know that I will be myself irrespective of others behaviour .

Thanks to Belief Healing System, I realised , why should I lose my Self Confidence and get depressed for any kind of challenges, when I have trusted my Supreme Power and that he will take care of me. My intentions were good yet was deceived, but I now have the strong hope that the Universe will help me find a way out and give solutions for all my challenges be it financial, relationship, physical, mental etc

I really needed Healing and I got it from you Veena Mam.

Thankyou for your guidance. You are a great support system. I am so greatful to you



Just like we need food and water to charge up our bodies, what our souls need as fuel is meditation. Mindfulness is very underrated and associated with a lot of misconceptions. People tend to think that if they can't be free of thoughts, they can't meditate. Even I used to think the same .

After joining with Veena BK, I practiced her many Guided Meditations and also got new perspective and learnings through many other courses by her. I observed a lot of positive changes within me along with exploring a lot of hidden talents and strengths on my own.

'Belief Healing System' is truly magical which awakened my soul towards Spirituality & Self-Realization. From my personal experience, I would definitely recommend everyone to join this magical Healing just once and see what it holds for you and your life. 

Forever grateful to dear Veena Ma'am for coming up with this Belief Healing System.


Marketing Manager

Taking care of my children, dealing with family issues, not having time for myself and trying to give my best to every situation and people , this was my life. I was Juggling with all these at a cost of losing my own self. 

That is when I came across Belief Healing System as a saviour.

Belief Healing System has helped me restore my Self -Confidence, Positivity and most important of all Self Love and Self Care . Today I am able to balance my Family life,Professional life and a Self Life. I highly recommend Inner Self Healing for anyone wanting a life,career, self healing coaching. Thankyou for making my life a more happy and balanced and teaching me to accept everything that life gives me is for my growth. 



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