Why you want to tell your children to take a long shower

Why you want to tell your children to take a long shower


Children generally love to play with water during bathtime and splash around but we parents ask them to hurry up and finish their bath. We want to get them ready and send them off to school on time. When i am talking to parents, many have expressed that, morning hours are full of stress because 100 things have to be done and children don’t get ready on time

So why am I talking about letting your child spend more time in bathing.

It so happened, that yesterday I was talking to my friends and as we were brainstorming for ideas, this concept was mentioned, about having a leisurely shower and allow creative ideas to pop up without any conscious effort.

And as I am always thinking how I can help parents of kids with Dyslexia, I know that this tip is practically useful for parents and children. Thus I am writing this post.

Here are the benefits which I am sharing from other peoples’ experiences (Source: Google).

1. The Archimedes’ Principle:
We all know how Archimedes, the Greek Mathematician, discovered the Law of Buoyancy when he was in the Bath Tub and it is said he ran out naked, shouting Eureka Eureka 🙂

2. Shahrukh khan:
I also read that the Famed Bollywood Actor King Khan as he is known, spends hours together in the shower to get creative, and he is a Bath Room Singer!! ( all of us are too ..right:) ).

He also advises to Speak our minds in the Bathroom.

3. Scot Bary Kaufman:
He is a renowned Psychologist and an Author has done a study and has found 72% of people get their best ideas in the shower!!
To quote him “The relaxing, solitary, and non-judgmental shower environment may afford creative thinking by allowing the mind to wander freely…”(Source a post from businessinsider.in)

So Dear Parents, try this today for your children. Allow them a longer shower time and let them play with water.
They will enjoy, relax and get creative ideas all at the same time.

Anyways its holiday now for schools and you are all the time thinking how to keep the kids engaged. Well, here is one such activity which instead of being a routine thing, you can make it an indulgence.

If you resonate with what i shared here, please comment below.