Few children have the problem of Sleep Anxiety and are not able to relax and go to sleep. This becomes a problem every night. What can we do as parents, as a remedy for this issue ?

Hi, I am Veena BK, Dyslexia Management Coach. I use Unique Holistic Methods called as

F.A.C.T.S. System to Empower the Parent and through the Parent,

to Empower the Child to take the Leap Beyond Dyslexia.


Let me list out actionable practical tips for dealing with Sleep Anxiety, which are as below..

  • Create a Bedtime ritual.. Maybe a warm bath followed by a cup of milk (or chamomile tea) and reading out a story by the parent while the child relaxes in bed


  • Let the child hold in to a soft toy or blanket.. Whichever colours they prefer


  • Leave a dim light bulb on for the whole night


  • Maintain regular Bedtime


  • And general rule which applies to parents and children both is to keep away from gadgets because the light disturbs the sleep


  • One parent is normally favourite of the Child for relaxing.. That parent can put the child to sleep with soothing words


  • Do not discuss about problems of the child with him/her just before bed time


  • Give the child soothing hugs and calming cuddles. It is said we need 8 hugs a day for maintenance. We need 12 hugs a day for growth. So give them more. They would feel so comforted.


  • Calming atmosphere helps.. You may use few drops of  lavender oil (Buy from my affiliate link here: or cedar wood or vetiver oil ,in the bath or the child can have few sips of chamomile tea before  sleeping. Make sure the child likes these flavours/fragrances. Individual choices may differ.


  • Positive Affirmations such as I am calm, i am happy, i am peaceful such words can be recited with the child.. Make them repeat after you or they can just listen


  • Don’t make them too excited by reading fantasy stories or topics which gets them excited. Stay away from these.


  • Guided Meditation with soft music for just 5 mins.. Child won’t sit for long.. So 5 mins maximum is enough(youtube link.. I suggest this.. (it is better to avoid screen light…so record audio and play every  night)


  • Throughout the day whenever child is at home keep your home environment calm and peaceful


  • The lights at home can be dimmed 1 hour before bedtime


  • Let the child know what is expected from him/her whole day.. Chalk out the broad routine for the whole day so that there is clarity. So whole day the stress is avoided and as a result, night time will be more peaceful


  • If there is stress because of school, to be discussed with school and school cooperation to be sought. Understanding of teacher is really crucial for the child. Homeschooling is also an option if huge stress caused due to school activities.


  • Finally if it is too high seek Doctors advise


To conclude, it is possible to take small steps in the day and just before bedtime. For most of the kids, these tips will help, especially if it is taken care of in the beginning stages.

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