Moms are not Saints

Moms are not Saints

Mom is not a Saint

I feel frustrated, I am often angry, I am exhausted

Yes, these feelings are common.. Most Moms feel it

But it is not expressed.. All Moms think other Moms are managing everything so well. But they them selves are not so efficient.

Stay at home Mom thinks job holder Moms have it all and professional Moms crib or feel guilty that they are not so lucky as the SAHM.

And thus, most of the Moms are burdened with negative emotions. I know because I have donned both these personas at different times and off late I have been coaching Moms and I feel privileged that they share their real emotions and sentiments with me.

Often the presumption that the grass is greener on the other side, but is is not so.

When I tell Moms you are doing a great job, you are an awesome Mom, almost everyone asks ‘oh really’ ?

So, yes, I understand, Moms need that reassurance and appreciation.

None of the parents get a manual as to how to bring up a child. They do their best according to their understanding, but they feel whole world is judging them.

Moms need not be perfect all the time .Accept your imperfections. Express your emotions and Enjoy Life.


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