5 Commandments For Managing Dyslexia

5 Commandments For Managing Dyslexia

I have seen Mothers feeling frustrated and overwhelmed when dealing with problems of Dyslexia in their child.

To address this, I came up with the idea of how  to adapt Commandments and to share how Powerful they are, in building our character, so that we can zoom through our Life.

Thus after some introspection, I have framed the following 5 commandments which give to direction and solution to the Moms.

Let me explain, what is a Commandment..

Commandment is a simple statement which empowers you, when you remember it and take action based on that.

It is observed that Mothers are sometimes in Victim mode or Self Pity mode and frequently feel exhausted to deal with daily challenges of parenting the Child with Dyslexia.

You have to keep your spirits high and also motivate the child. And also a delicate balance to be ensured between, pushing the child too much or letting go of things not so important.

Thus, these commandments help you to give clarity and also you will be able to act suitably.

Read on to understand more about this concept and what Commandments you need to Adopt..

You can only give what you have. So if you are happy, you can pass on this happy attitude to the child. Hence this commandment is first and foremost. Self Love and Self Care will make you happy and contented. So make me-time a priority and invest atleast few minutes a day for your own sake and do things that make you happy.

When you have, in your mind, established this commandment of I AM HAPPY,it will ensure Positivity and High Energy when you are interacting with your child.

Need i elaborate, motherhood is a full time job and we feel exhausted attending to the needs and demands of the child. More so, for the kid with Dyslexia lot of hand-holding to complete homework, to deal with his or her emotions, is required. So you the Mom, feels so drained. So do not neglect to take care Your physical health and develop Inner Strength which serves as the strong foundation to withstand the pressures and exhaustion.

Thus having the feeling I AM STRONG will go a long way in doing your best.


Let’s face it, sometimes we get so irritated that we lose patience and punish/reprimand the child. I am not talking here about disciplining strictly when required. But in general when we lose patience and snap at the child, a negative situation develops and gets prolonged. Child will not further cooperate and you will further lose your temper. So the commandment I AM LOVING will give you the direction always to show love and thus not to lose patience or become angry in situations where it is not required.


Through this commandment, I want you to fully accept your child no matter what.

Sometimes we get so depressed due to problems of Dyslexia. So, having this commitment helps us not to see our Child as lacking in anyway. This gives power to us as well as the child.


My child has Dyslexia.. Yes.. So what?

I too have erred in this regard. Though I have taken it as a challenge and whatever best possible I have done for my child,But to face the world and tell them, took me many years.. So don’t repeat my mistake, the earlier you shed the inhibition, it becomes so freeing for you. Once you are okay with it, you stop focusing on the problem and you will start focusing on solutions and how best to manage.

These are most important 5 commandments.. Do note them down and look at them and read aloud, till you can remember them so that you feel Empowered and ready to Face challenging situations.

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